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From the ground up

We are Zach and Ilana, a couple of local food enthusiasts with the goal of raising clean, healthy food to distribute throughout metro Atlanta. Having both grown up in the suburbs of Atlanta, we feel a strong connection with our Georgia home, and we want to see our community thrive. We started our journey together as farmers in 2015, on a Permaculture farm in north Georgia, and have since only grown in our enthusiasm for integrating technological innovations and timeless agricultural practices into a small-farm enterprise. Our farm is centered around family and community, and we love to share our story and our passion with you.


On a personal level


Zach Richards

... is a Marietta native who has always had a passion for regenerative agriculture and self-sufficiency. He has lived in downtown Atlanta, landscaping part of the Lake Claire Community Land Trust, and in Jasper, GA, where he trained as a field manager on a Permaculture-based produce farm, all the while earning his degree in Horticulture from Chattoochee Tech. He moved back to the north-metro Atlanta suburbs with Ilana to begin their journey as Levity Farms.


Ilana Margulis

... grew up in Roswell, GA. She earned a bachelor's in Mathematics at Georgia State University, after which she moved to Jasper, GA to get a taste of life on a Permaculture farm. Today, she integrates her passion for creative problem-solving into her desire to grow food for her family, her friends, and her community, as part of the Levity Farms team.